Did you catch Speaker Ryan’s major announcement yesterday? It’s true. House Republicans are now just a couple of weeks away from rolling out our bold policy agenda for a Confident America. We disagree with the direction that the country is going in, so we owe the American people a clear choice—a better way. This will start in two weeks with our poverty agenda—a specific, conservative plan to help move people from welfare to work so they can make the most of their lives.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Speaker Ryan discussed yesterday:

“House Republicans met early in 2016 to map out an agenda project based on six policy issues, including welfare reform. Lawmakers are also tackling tax reform, healthcare reform and restoring the constitutional authority of Congress to write laws, which they believe has been undercut by the Obama administration.” (Washington Examiner)

“Speaker Paul D. Ryan announced Wednesday that House Republicans will roll out the six policy papers that make up their ‘Confident America’ agenda one at a time throughout June, starting with ideas to combat poverty. . . . Some of the six task forces—focused on poverty, taxes, healthcare, national security, regulations and constitutional authority—may choose to release legislative text this year, Ryan said.” (Roll Call)

“The first of the policy proposals, which will constitute the House’s ‘Confident America’ agenda, will focus on combating poverty, Mr. Ryan said. He added that each policy area, including national security and taxes, would be tackled less with the amorphous ideas that he has been batting around for months, but with an extensive legislative framework.” (New York Times)   

“The GOP leadership will unveil a series of reforms to transition Americans on welfare to becoming participants in the workforce. Ryan said the Republican Party has shirked its responsibilities for tackling poverty in the U.S., citing the influx of foreign policy problems that came with the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” (IJ Review)

“Ryan is preparing to roll out six GOP policy blueprints in June on issues such as poverty reduction, replacing Obamacare and reining in the power of the presidency. Ryan said these are not proposals that Congress can pass while President Obama is still in office, so the agenda is intended to create a road map for Congress once a Republican president is sworn in.” (USA Today)

“House Republicans will unveil proposals on a weekly basis for the month of June that address the economy, taxes, national security, healthcare, poverty, and reasserting congressional authority. The latter is in response to President Obama’s use of executive orders to enact policy changes. Ryan said the first week’s roll out will include the GOP’s agenda on how to combat poverty, an issue that the speaker has personally pushed to the forefront of the agenda project.” (NPR)