This morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) joined House Republicans for a press briefing to discuss what was learned from the month-long #BetterWay tour of the country. Below are his remarks:

“We just completed a month-long tour of the country talking about our Better Way agenda. It has been a great success. And here’s why I think it's been a great success.

“People are very anxious right now, whether it’s the state of our economy, or the state of our world. So we decided, all of us, back in January, to assemble a bold agenda to tackle some of the country’s biggest challenges.

“We knew it would not be just enough to put some ideas on paper. That’s the old way, top-down. You write a bill, put a cute acronym on it, talk about it from a podium like this, and move on.

“Our goal has always been to raise our gaze. Our goal has always been to take this agenda to the country and to listen to the country. Over the last month or so, that is exactly what we have been doing in this country.

“Coffees, roundtables, town halls, Rotary lunches, Chamber dinners, food banks, churches…

“I ended up giving away all of my booklets. This is my last one. That’s why you can just go to

“The point is, what we have found is that this is what people want. People want a positive vision and a clear direction for solving the country’s big problems. Because at its core, this agenda is about restoring a sense of possibility. This agenda is about restoring the notion that people can reach their potential in this country. That no matter where they start, we can find a better way to pull people together.

“So, we appreciate the feedback we have received. We are going to act on more of these initiatives as this month unfolds, and the majority leader can get into that. We're going to keep this momentum going, because we believe it is our duty and our job for our fellow citizens and our constituents to offer solutions to our country's big, pressing problems. And that's exactly what we are doing."