This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss the Senate Democrats’ reckless shut down of the federal government. Watch the interview here. 

On the Schumer Shutdown

"We're waiting for the Senate Democrats to open the government back up. . . They shut down the government over a completely unrelated issue. And the bill that they're opposing is a bill that they support which is just baffling to us. Children's health insurance, funding for our troops, keeping the government going. They shut it down over an unrelated immigration issue with a deadline weeks away. And what's so baffling about this was we were negotiating in good faith on DACA all the same. We actually want to solve this problem. So it's not as if we were saying, ‘No way, no how. No discussions.’ They blew up the negotiations that were already underway."

On blaming the president 

You can't blame Donald Trump for the Senate Democrats shutting down the government. They shut down the government with no end game in sight. I frankly don't think they felt we were going to pass our bill. And when we passed our bill, funding children's health insurance, keeping the troops funded, preventing the medical device tax from kicking in in a few days which worries everyone's healthcare costs, they would not pass that bill. That has nothing to do with President Trump.”

On Senate Democrats’ filibuster tactics

“We've passed the CHIP program. This is the third CHIP long-term reauthorization we have passed in the House. And the Senate Democrats have been filibustering it each and every time. We passed all 12 appropriation bills for all of government last September in the House. And the Senate Democrats have been filibustering those bills. We passed in December funding for these natural disasters and the hurricanes, and the Senate Democrats have been filibustering these bills. So the point I'm trying to make. . . is the Senate Democrats have chosen: Filibuster CHIP, filibuster appropriations, filibuster getting these things done. And then blame the dysfunction on everybody else. The point I'm trying to make is if you want to get these problems solved, open up the government, resume negotiations, and let's solve these problems."