Yesterday, Speaker Ryan hosted a town hall with millennials at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Over the hour-long discussion, Ryan made his case for why young Americans should embrace conservatism, and he engaged with students on issues ranging from student loans to the national debt and the need to fix our broken tax code. Check out some of the latest coverage of the event below:

Paul Ryan Gives Conservative Millennials a Pep Talk
“Ryan’s appearance Wednesday at Georgetown University was, in essence, a pep talk for a generation of voters more dismayed than most at the direction of the Republican party’s presidential race. . . . Ryan went on to pitch his belief in the politically redemptive power of ideas—specifically, the policy agenda that House Republicans are planning to roll out before the party convention in July.”  (Washington Post)

Paul Ryan ‘Current Policies Are Shutting Young People Out of Our Economy’
“According to Ryan, he would like the economy to return to what it was when he was younger—a place where hard work paid off when looking for employment opportunities and regulations didn’t get in the way of starting small businesses. . . . ‘I believe many of our current policies are shutting young people out of our economy by taking decisions away from people—from the individual,’ he said. Ryan added the GOP’s philosophy is to promote an open economy where all people can strive to achieve their aspirations.” (The Daily Caller)

After TV Blitz, Ryan Holds Town Hall at Georgetown
“At Georgetown, Ryan argued for his party's case before a respectful, appreciative audience, tracing his rise from a college student and would-be ski bum to perhaps the nation's youngest House speaker. In a 15-minute speech, Ryan said he tries every day to find common ground, but the philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats, ‘who are good people and love their country,’ makes it difficult in a polarized political environment.” (U.S. News and World Report)

Speaker Paul Ryan Tells Young Voters to Ignore Personalities, Vote for Ideas
“House Speaker Paul D. Ryan pleaded with college students to look beyond the personalities in this year’s presidential election and instead vote based on ideas, saying Wednesday that the GOP can win that battle. Holding a town hall with students at Georgetown University, Mr. Ryan urged Millennials to pressure leaders to start tackling the debt so it’s not left for their generation, and said it should be the driving issue for young voters.” (The Washington Times)

Paul Ryan Asks Millennials to Give GOP a Chance
“During his talk, he said younger Americans are "so used to customizing your everyday life" through technology that they should be drawn to GOP ideas based on personal autonomy and economic freedom. He told students that Republicans believe it ‘is your money so you should decide what to do with it’ and warned them of a crushing mountain of debt if entitlement programs are not reformed.” (USA Today)

Ryan’s Pitch to Millennials: GOP Ideas are Over 'Pandering Politicians and Populists'
“As part of his #ConfidentAmerica campaign, the Speaker addressed generational concerns facing young Americans such as student debt, jobs, and economic mobility. . . . Ryan said many of the current policies regulating small businesses, the health care industry, and the education system are shutting young people out of the economy by making their decisions for them. He said the Republican mindset—that the government should serve us, rather than manage us—is exactly aligned with the millennial mindset.” (Red Alert Politics)

Speaker Paul Ryan’s Election Year Advice for Young Republicans
“The Wisconsin Republican urged his audience to ‘look at the policies, not the person. It’s the policies that matter so much,’ Ryan said. . . . Ryan promoted the House GOP's agenda project—a series of policy proposals Ryan and his conference plan to release ahead of the July Republican convention that will provide a set of policies down-ballot Republicans across the country can run on in November.” (ABC News)

Ryan: GOP Loses Personality Contests
“Ryan argued the Republican Party needs to set out a policy agenda different from Democrats to win elections and move GOP ideas forward. ‘If we do our jobs the right way, we’ll be a choice of two paths that you will have to take. That’s the choice you’ll have far more than a personality,’ Ryan said. ‘Republicans lose personality contests anyway. We always do. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way,’ added Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012. ‘But we win ideas contests. And this is what we want to have is an ideas contest.’” (The Hill)