#TBT: 50 Years Later, Same Poverty Failures | Speaker.gov

“Today, you are just as likely to stay poor if you were born poor as you were 50 years ago when we started the War on Poverty.” That was the message Speaker Ryan shared earlier today in a conversation on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends, citing that not much has changed since the War on Poverty began some 50 years ago—a truth PolitiFact recently confirmed.

And though the federal government has spent trillions of dollars on a web of different programs, Americans nationwide are still struggling to make the American Idea a reality for themselves and their families. Why? Because instead of looking into the root cause of poverty, government bureaucrats are simply treating the symptoms—resulting in lack of opportunity and upward mobility. In the car on his way to a listening session with pastors and leaders on the front lines of poverty, Speaker Ryan explained this further on Kilmeade and Friends:

“What I’m doing is learning from them and seeing what we can do to break down barriers, get government out of the way so that people and their communities can make a bigger difference helping one another. We believe that we need to go at the root cause of poverty, break the cycle of poverty, instead of the traditional status quo: ‘Just treat symptoms of poverty to make it more tolerable.’ We want to break out of that mold—it hasn’t been working. And we believe that upward mobility and opportunity are the cornerstones of the American Idea. There are too many people who don’t believe in it anymore. There are too many people who aren’t getting it anymore. Today, you are just as likely to stay poor if you were born poor as you were 50 years ago when we started the War on Poverty. And that is not what should be happening in a free enterprise society like ours.”

No, this shouldn’t be happening in America—and conservatives are forming a united front to fix it. That’s why, this year, House Republicans will offer an agenda to the country that provides a bold, pro-growth vision for a #ConfidentAmerica and puts the American Idea back within reach. “We’ve got to take our principles and apply it to the problem of poverty,” said Speaker Ryan. “It’s something we’re going to be talking about all year long.”

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