Today at a House Republican press briefing, Speaker Ryan discussed the #BetterWay alternative to the Obama administration's “Clean Power Rule”—a multi-billion dollar regulation that would cripple the coal industry and raise electricity costs in 47 American states:

Whether you are a consumer, a worker, or a small business owner, our regulatory system should work for you, and even with you, but never against you. Unfortunately, that is just what is going on today.

“Tom Marino just gave you a perfect story of how the regulatory state is working against the American business, consumer, and family.

“Take the president’s so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ rule, another one of these multi-billion dollar regulations. In February, the Supreme Court issued a stay on this rule. Today, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing arguments in a challenge against it.

“This is a rule that is especially egregious. It’s an egregious example of this president’s unlawful overreach. It essentially forces states to upend their energy economies, without an act of Congress.

“It is designed to cripple fossil fuels, moving us away from energy that is reliable and affordable—and doing it without a vote of Congress. It is another frontward attack on coal country, which has already been decimated by this administration’s policies. All told, it is estimated that this one rule will raise electricity prices in all 47 states that it affects.

“Again, this comes down without an act of Congress. There has got to be a better way to deal with these things—and there is. There is a better way.

“Our plan says that no major regulation should become law unless Congress makes a vote. Look, what we’re trying to achieve here is reasserting self-government—government by consent. In America, we as citizens write laws that govern ourselves through our elected representatives. That’s not happening today.

“You’ve got an administration that is passing these rules under the full force of law on our consumers, on our businesses, on our American people—that they have no voice for—that is costing them their jobs, their livelihoods, giving them skyrocketing electricity bills.  

We should encourage energy development, so we can actually lower costs and create jobs. All of these ideas are part of our Better Way agenda, which you can learn more about by going to

“In the meantime, our hope is that today this rule is struck down permanently—before coal country is destroyed, and before Americans are consigned to these higher energy costs imposed by these unlawful regulations.”