Following are excerpts from Speaker Ryan’s appearance last night on The Kelly File, during which he discussed the FBI’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

  • “Number one, the FBI should give us all of their findings. . . . Number two, we’re going to have hearings. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the Government and Oversight Committee, is going to be calling up James Comey to ask questions. He didn’t answer any questions with the press. And our Judiciary Committee has sent a number of questions. There are a lot of unanswered questions here, Megyn, that [we] need to get answers to.”
  • “He shredded the things that she had been saying in her own defense all year long about her case. . . . The other thing that concerns me is that she’s just going to get away with this in the sense that she was grossly negligent. She mishandled classified information, and now she wants to be commander-in-chief. . . . Comey said short of prosecution, some kind of [administrative] action should occur, bringing consequences. I think the DNI—the Director of National Intelligence—should block her access to classified information given how recklessly she handled this during the presidential campaign.”
  • "Obviously, as Comey said, people she was contacting [and] communicating with got hacked and therefore she clearly could have been hacked. He certainly raises that possibility. What really just mystifies me is the case he makes and then the conclusion he draws, and what bothers me about this is the Clintons really are living above the law. They’re being held by a different set of standards—that is clearly what this looks like. This is why we're going to have hearings, and this is why I think Comey should give us all the publicly available information to see how and why they reached these conclusions.”