Speaker Ryan Talks about Bipartisan Bills to Tackle Child Abuse, VA Backlog | Speaker.gov

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan addressed the new HHS report at his weekly press conference—but that wasn’t all. He also discussed two bipartisan efforts that were on the House floor this week: bills to combat child abuse and reform the VA’s broken appeals backlog.

“Today, the House is taking up bipartisan action to combat child abuse and exploitation.  A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in this country.  And human trafficking is one of the world's fastest-growing crimes. 

“While worrying comes naturally for parents, it is staggering to consider the different forms that child exploitation can take.  It could be a coach or someone close to you, or it could be a total stranger on social media acting alone as part of a global operation. 

“Together, Republicans and Democrats are taking action to protect the most vulnerable and to punish those who abuse them.  With these initiatives, we will go after child sex offenders, and we will make sure that survivors have the highest protection under the law. 

“Second, ahead of Memorial Day, we are tackling bipartisan challenges, and we're taking bipartisan action to help our veterans and their families.  It is especially good news that we are making progress on fixing the longstanding problems with the VA claims backlog.  So many of us in Congress have been working on this for so many years, dealing with our own constituents and their problems. 

“Veterans have got bills to pay.  They have families to support.  The last thing they should have to deal with is endless bureaucracy.  Unfortunately, that's what's gone on with the VA with this claims backlog. 

“So if you've been involved in Congress working on these caseworkers, it is just heart wrenching to see a veteran who needs healthcare get stuck in this claims backlog.  The initiative that the House passed this week with bipartisan, unanimous support will expedite the process so that veterans can get timely decisions and have real peace of mind and we can get rid of this claims backlog.”