This morning, Speaker Ryan called in to The Hugh Hewitt Show to catch up with the radio host. In the interview, Speaker Ryan touched on two important—and timely—topics: congressional oversight and the #BetterWay agenda.

To kick off the conversation, Hugh asked Speaker Ryan if the House is being denied its constitutional oversight by the FBI in its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. In short: yes. He explained:

Yes, and it’s not the first time we’ve experienced this. I was part of the IRS investigation in my last job here in Congress, and I would say it’s a very, very similar story. It’s a story of stonewalling. The reason we know about these things is because of our investigation, our oversight. Jason Chaffetz is doing a great job. You know all of these things that you just discussed because of our oversight. But as we do this oversight, we see more obfuscation. We see more misleading. We see that the claims that were made six months, a year ago about servers and emails and devices were false when they were made—knowingly false. So we clearly see that she’s not being truthful. . . . So this is not a new story, unfortunately . . . but it’s an ongoing one—and that, to me, is very alarming.”

After all, the FBI is not supposed to be political:

The FBI’s not supposed to be minimizing political damage or political stories—they’re supposed to be getting to the truth and holding people accountable. And so when they make things like this, it makes them look political.”

That’s why House Republicans are prioritizing congressional oversight and the separation of powers—to ensure the rule of law is followed by every branch of government. How? It’s part of the Better Way agenda:

"We’re doing our oversight, trying to bring truth to power to try and uncover these things, so people don’t live above the law. And, we’re offering a better way—we’re offering an agenda for how we would fix these problems. . . . If you go to our Better Way agenda—go to—you will see that item number three and four is a specific plan to resuscitate the separation of powers and reclaim our Article I powers of the Constitution. Because the other branches of government have overstepped their boundaries. . . . We have a very specific plan for getting Article I back so that we restore the principle of self-government and accountable government.”

A Better Way is “an agenda to restore the Constitution, it’s an agenda to rebuild our national security, it’s an agenda to get the economy going, reform the tax code, and replace Obamacare with patient-centered health care.” As Speaker Ryan said near the end of the call, “Americans don’t like the way we’re going. I think we have a duty to offer them a better way—and that’s what we’re trying to do.”