This morning, Speaker Ryan joined The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss continuing House Republicans' bold agenda as he “runs through the tape.” Listen to the interview here and check out excerpts below.

Speaker Ryan: What we believe will help get people from welfare to work is to have a work requirement. So yesterday, the Agriculture Committee pushed through their committee a bill that says if you’re a work-capable adult, you don’t have little kids, you’re able-bodied, you’ve got to work at least 20 hours a week if you’re going to get these benefits and/or go to school, and you’re guaranteed to get some job training programs. So it invests the savings you get from a work requirement into making sure you can give people that transition training they need, to get the skills they need, to get the careers they want. . . .And that, along with career and technical education reform so that people can get skills they need and want to get careers that are out there, that is the final big installment of our Better Way agenda.”

Speaker Ryan: “We’re also doing our Dodd-Frank bill. That’s the capstone of our regulatory relief agenda, which is to replace Dodd-Frank, which is really clogging up capital markets, especially from community banks from flowing through our communities that go to small and medium sized businesses. So that’s what I mean [when I say] ‘running through the tape’—finishing the agenda we ran on in ’16. We’ve done the rebuild of the military. We’ve done the tax reform. We’ve done enormous amounts of regulatory relief. We’ve done a lot of our poverty work with enterprise zones and the rest. So finish the job on regulatory relief and go work on workforce development, getting people off of welfare, into the workforce, in a good career, vocational or technical education, and let the states be flexible and experiment.”

Speaker Ryan: “There’s about eight opioid bills we’re moving through what we call the [Energy and] Commerce Committee. So that’s another part of our big agenda, which is finishing up our job on opioid legislation. Fentanyl is obviously a big part of that, but there are other opioids that’s a real epidemic flowing through America hitting everybody—every district, every county, every kind of high school you can think of. And that is a big push. So we have more opioid legislation to do as well.

Speaker Ryan: “So when I say run ‘through the tape,’ we’ve got some infrastructure bills, opioid bills, more deregulation, regulatory relief, and we’ve got more to do at the end of the year on tax 2.0 like you described and workforce development. So it’s a big, bold agenda. It’s exactly what we told the country we would do when we ran in 2016. And we’re two-thirds of the way, not to just passing it out of the House, but through getting it into law, which is going to make an enormous difference for a long time in this country. And honestly, Hugh, one of the reasons why I’m comfortable retiring after 20 years is I’m very pleased with how much we’ve been able to accomplish and get done.”