This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox & Friends in a sit-down interview with co-host Brian Kilmeade. The two discussed how, despite what you may or may not see on TV or Twitter, the House is delivering wins for the American people. Here is video from part one of the interview, along with a couple of excerpts from the transcript.

“We're doing so much here in Congress, knocking down our agenda, our list of items to do, but a lot of people aren't paying attention to it or the media is not paying attention to it. Nevertheless we are still charging ahead.”

“We laid out with the president a plan for this term of Congress. 2017-2018. How do we keep our promises? How do we improve people's lives? How do we enact an agenda? We are well on our way in doing that. Remember the day Jim Comey was testifying in the Senate? That's all anybody paid attention to. Guess what the House did that day. We repealed and replaced Dodd Frank. This week we are doing medical liability reform. We’re doing two immigration bills. Kate's Law, sanctuary cities.”

Part two of their interview will air tomorrow on Fox & Friends, as Brian joins the Speaker inside a House GOP leadership meeting.