Speaker Ryan: We Need to Stop the Harmful Fiduciary Rule | Speaker.gov

In the coming weeks, the Obama administration is expected to hand down a final version of its so-called fiduciary rule—a one-size-fits-all regulation that will restrict access and increase costs for Americans planning for retirement. Speaker Ryan expanded on what this means for Americans at a press briefing earlier today:

“The Obama administration is in the final stages of preparing its so-called fiduciary rule. This rule would raise costs and limit options for people seeking advice on their retirement planning. This rule could hurt millions of middle-class savers.

“We have already passed a bill in the House to delay this rule. And we have passed bills in two committees laying out responsible alternatives. When this rule comes down, we will be ready to do what we can to protect the savings of hardworking Americans. And when we do, I hope that we will be joined by the dozens of Democrats who have expressed concerns about these regulations."

Speaker Ryan also addressed the House Republican agenda to restore a #ConfidentAmerica, including ideas to help people escape poverty and reclaim the American Idea:

“This afternoon, I will be attending CPAC to talk about ideas for getting people out of poverty and reclaiming the American Idea—this beautiful idea, this notion that the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life. This is one of the planks of our policy agenda that we are working on right now. You can get all the details on this project at speaker.gov/ConfidentAmerica.

“This is going to be our contribution to this campaign, to 2016: a bold agenda that unites conservatives and gives the country a very clear choice. With that in mind, I am going to brief all of our presidential candidates on our agenda project.The goal here is to have an election like we had in 1980—where we unite around bold ideas and we earn a mandate from the country so that we can get the country back on track.”