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Obamacare is hurting families, and before things get worse, we will act to repeal it so that we can bring relief as soon as possible.

Once Obamacare is repealed, we will make sure there is a stable transition period so that people don’t have the rug pulled out from under them. One key to ensuring a smooth transition is getting House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Working together, we will focus on delivering relief and a better system for people struggling under Obamacare.

Instead of a government-centered system like Obamacare, our goal is a patient-centered system that gives every American access to quality, affordable health care.

What does that look like? Well, last spring, as part of the Better Way agenda, House Republicans offered a unified health care plan to show the American people what we would do differently. It included a number of common-sense ideas and principles, such as:

  • Moving health care decisions away from Washington to patients, families, and doctors,
  • Giving patients the right tools, like Health Savings Accounts, to make health insurance more portable and affordable,
  • Breaking down barriers that restrict choices and prevent Americans from picking the plan that is best for them and their family,
  • Real protections and peace of mind—regardless of age, income, medical conditions, or circumstances,
  • Empowering small businesses to provide the kind of affordable health coverage that meets your needs.

Here’s what some experts and editorial boards had to say about these ideas when we put them forward earlier in the year:

  • The overriding theme of the plan’s many reforms is consumer-directed health care. The ACA moved substantial power and authority over the insurance marketplace and the care delivery process to the federal government. The House GOP wants to reverse this shift of authority by giving consumers and states more control over important decisions in the health sector.” (James Capretta and Joseph Antos, AEI)
  •  “…shows that Republicans understand that a better health care system requires the repeal of Obamacare. Admirably, it proposes a number of patient-centered reforms to the employer and individual market…” (Michael Needham, Heritage Action)
  •  “…it is better economic policy because it makes the health sector look like the rest of the economy — built on competition, rewarding quality and low-costs, and evolving flexibly to meet the needs of the customer base. It is a far cry from the top-down, industrial-age Obamacare spigot of federal dollars and regulations.” (Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum)
  •  “…builds on successful reforms of the past and points us toward a more market-oriented, consumer-driven model, while addressing many of the complaints and fears that Americans have about their health-care system. (National Review)
  •  “…their vision in broad terms of how to deliver quality health care for Americans without entangling them in red tape and federal mandates. ...would help Americans get insurance without handing over all control to the federal government.” (Chicago Tribune)

The American people know the status quo is unsustainable: 80 percent want some kind of major changes. We will act to bring relief to people struggling under Obamacare.  

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