Take It Up With Your Senate, Mr. President | Speaker.gov

Another day, another dose of dodgy rhetoric from the White House.

Today in Texas, the president's goal was to “contrast his approach with Republicans” over the ‘least productive Congress in history.’

Again, perhaps he’s talking about the Senate, where his party’s leaders are dragging our jobs bills through gridlock and then some.  To wit:  

  • The Republican-led House has passed at least 285 bills that the president’s Senate has failed to act upon.  All told, the House has passed nearly four times the amount of bills that the Senate has. 
  • Of the 119 bills that the president has been able to sign into law, only 27 percent have come from his own Senate
  • The House has also completed five* spending bills to the Senate’s zero.  In fact, we’ve allowed House Democrats to offer 130 amendments on those bills, while Senate Republicans haven’t been able to offer a single one. [*Six after the House passed the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill shortly after this blog post was published.]

Things have gotten so bad that Senate Democrats are openly complaining about the lack of productivity.  A Democratic chairman even went on record saying he’s “furious” with his leaders for blocking a bipartisan jobs bill. 

How’s that for a contrast?  

If anything, the story to be told here is what the Republican majority has accomplished in the face of such gridlock, from the most significant spending reductions in modern history to long-term, market-based student loan reform.

We also just completed the first rewrite of job training laws in 16 years, a bill that will soon head to the president’s desk with good conservative reforms like eliminating 15 duplicative programs and empowering states to innovate. 

We want to get more done – much more – which is why, Mr. President, you ought to take all this up with Senate Democrats.

(Not that they’re much into taking things up these days, but maybe you’ll have better luck than we are.)