The Tax Code Defenders are Coming |

Live at 11:30 a.m. ET →  Speaker Ryan's Weekly Press Briefing:

Make no bones about it, the defenders of our ghastly tax code are coming.

The special interest ghouls will do anything to protect all their little tricks and treats. They will haunt the hallways and demonize our plan. They will conjure up new scare tactics and spread wicked tales. They will cast us as bogeymen and attempt to distract us with Hocus Pocus. You will hear Stranger Things said about this bill than you can imagine. These poltergeists want you to be frightened.

That’s because, for the skeletons of the status quo, our plan is a Nightmare on K Street. We will clear out the cobwebs and throw those scary carveouts into the graveyard. We will slash tax rates for families, double the standard deduction, consolidate the existing Se7en brackets, and increase the Child Tax Credit so you can keep more of what you earn. Instead of the same mysterious brew of booreaucracy, we will simplify things so that you can do your taxes on a form the size of a postcard.

And if that doesn’t lift your spirits, this plan will also give everyday hardworking families a monster pay raise—witches very good news.

There’s a reason we haven’t reformed the tax code since 1986—It takes real guts. But we cannot accept the current system as the new para-normal. The Thing to remember is that we now face a choice: We can continue to slide down this path of stagnant growth and flat wages, or we can Get Out of this rut, renew the American idea, and usher in a renaissance of growth and prosperity.

We know this post is a little bit candy corny—at times enough to make you Scream—but The Shining opportunity before us could not be more clear. So don’t be spooked, and let’s get this done.