This morning, Speaker Ryan embarked on a regional media radio tour to explain how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help middle-income families and workers across the country. Listen to his interviews below and check out the excerpts.

Rochester, NY – WHAM 1180

Speaker Ryan: “I just went through the numbers in Rep. Tom Reed’s district. Because we double the standard deduction, the average household income earner in the 23rd district gets a $1,463 tax cut. If you look at a family of four at $200,000 . . . if they itemize their deduction they get a $2,000 tax cut, if they don’t, if they take the standard deduction, they get a $6,200 tax cut. . . . so the point we’re trying to make is that by lowering taxes across the board, increasing the child tax credit, doubling the standard deduction and then on top of that, giving people the ability to write off $10,000 of their property tax, which I know you, like us in Wisconsin, have high property taxes, that really helps middle income families.”

Chicago, IL – AM 560

Speaker Ryan: “These businesses in our community, these multinationals, they are leaving or they are building overseas instead of in Chicago, instead of in Wisconsin, because of our tax code. We’re reversing that trend. We’re basically saying if you got money stuck overseas, you can’t bring it back, we’re going to remove that barrier, bring your money back, and reinvest it. The tax code tells you it’s smarter to make things overseas, to relocate overseas, we’re reversing that incentive and we’re making it smarter and better to stay in America, stay headquartered here, make things here. That’s what this tax plan does, in addition to a middle-class tax cut.”

Philadelphia, PA – WPHT 1210

Speaker Ryan: “In Rep. Ryan Costello’s district, the 6th district . . . by taking the standard deduction, a family of 4 making the medium household income in that district which is $119,769 will receive an average $4,008 tax cut. . . . Rep. Pat Meehan’s district, medium household income there is a little higher—$136,482. That family will get a $4,858 tax cut. . . . So the point we’re trying to make is, doubling the standard deduction, increasing the child tax credit, lowering your tax rates, and we’re giving people a $10,000 property tax deduction on top of all of that.”

Denver, CO – 630 KHOW

Speaker Ryan: “Our motivation is economic growth. Our motivation is to clear out the tax code, simplify the system. Our motivation is to help people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck, and it’s to get jobs, and make our economy a heck of a lot more competitive.”