The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is all about delivering relief to hardworking Americans. Above all, typical middle-income families can expect a tax cut and a pay raise, TOO. Or, said another way, Tax Cut + Pay Raise = Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. And that adds up to a big boost for people living paycheck to paycheck.

First, typical American households will get a $1,182 tax cut. This is a result of individual tax rate cuts, which will ensure people at all income levels pay less in taxes.

On top of that, average American families will get upwards of a $4,000 pay raiseThis is the result of corporate tax rate cuts, which repeated studies show would raise wages for middle-income Americans.

Combined, these benefits mean you will earn more money and keep more money. So don’t believe the defenders of the status quo who argue that tax reform will not help the middle class. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will be a game-changer for Americans across the country by giving them the tax cut and pay raise they need and deserve.

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