Tax Reform Will Create American Jobs |

Live at 11:30 a.m. ET →  Speaker Ryan's Weekly Press Briefing:

Last night, Speaker Ryan joined President Trump, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, and other congressional and administration leaders to discuss the need to reform our broken tax code. And as the president said prior to the meeting, pro-growth tax reform “will create millions of news jobs” right here in the United States.

He’s exactly right. In fact, that’s what tax reform is all about: creating good-paying American jobs and growing our economy.

It’s something Speaker Ryan talked about during his recent cross-country tour to promote tax reform:

“If we can get our economy growing at three plus percent, that means more take-home pay,” the speaker told employees at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. “That means we have a higher standard of living. That means we are creating more jobs.”

Our work to replace the outdated tax code with a system that is more simple, affordable, and competitive continues this week. Tomorrow morning, Speaker Ryan will join the New York Times’ TimesTalk series to make the case for historic tax reform. House, Senate, and White House leaders will also meet once again tomorrow. And later today, President Trump will travel to Bismarck, North Dakota to explain how common sense reforms will help American workers.

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