#ThanksIran | Speaker.gov

That’s what Secretary of State John Kerry said after Iran arrested, and subsequently released, ten American sailors. “Kerry Thanks Iran for Resolving the Crisis It Created,” read a perceptive Bloomberg headline.

If anything, Iran should be thanking the administration for the cash windfall it gift-wrapped to the mullahs over the past few months.

  • First, of course, there’s the upwards of $100 billion in sanctions relief provided under the nuclear deal, which even the president admits will be used to fund terrorism.
  • Next, questions have been raised regarding whether the administration paid a $1.7 billion ransom in exchange for five Americans unjustly detained in Iran. Even President Obama admits that paying ransom "risks endangering more Americans and funding the very terrorism that we're trying to stop."
  • And now, a new Reuters report claims that, as part of the prisoner exchange, the administration also dropped a $10 million claim against an Iran-born aerospace engineer responsible for helping Tehran launch its first satellite in 2005.

We are glad to have our five Americans hostages and ten sailors back from Iran. They should never have been held in the first place. But the administration is setting a dangerous precedent of rewarding Iran for its illicit behavior that jeopardizes the safety of Americans traveling abroad.

Next week, the House will vote on Rep. Steve Russell’s bill that draws attention to the true beneficiaries of the sanctions relief the Obama administration has given to Iran. We will continue to hold this administration accountable for capitulating to a dictatorial regime with a history of hostility against the U.S. and our allies.