Three Steps POTUS Can Take to Put Americans Back to Work |

Today, President Obama will appear at the White House alongside some of the men and women who have been hit hardest by his failed economic policies.  The event itself is a tacit admission on the part of the White House that the president hasn’t done enough to help more Americans get back on their feet, and back to work.  If the president is serious about helping middle class families, he should follow the House’s lead and focus on helping the private-sector grow and create jobs.  Here are a few places he can start:

  • Giving All Americans a Hardship Exemption from ObamaCare: A host of new tax hikes kicking in this year will not only exacerbate the rate shock already hitting middle class families, it’ll make it harder for small business to create good-paying jobs.  According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the ObamaCare tax hikes “will shrink hiring by 146,000 to 262,000 jobs over the next decade, with 59% of those losses hitting small business.” President Obama granted some Americans a reprieve from this disaster last month, and every middle class family and small business deserves the same. 
  • Approving the Keystone Pipeline: After more than five years of needless delays, President Obama continues standing in the way of more than 100,000 American jobs by blocking the Keystone pipeline.  The House has listened to the American people and passed legislation (H.R. 3) to expedite construction of the pipeline and remove legal barriers to its construction.  The president is out of excuses for holding up this “lifeline” for American workers; he should approve it immediately and start this “economic engine” that’s been languishing for far too long. 
  • Reining in Red Tape on American Energy: New rules proposed by the Obama administration “have effectively frozen construction of new coal-fired plants and could eventually shutter existing ones,” the New York Times reports.  The administration has also put 85 percent of America’s offshore areas off limits to energy exploration and development, and is taking aim at other forms of onshore production that have been safely and effectively regulated by states for years.  The administration’s war on American energy has already put thousands out of work and threatens hundreds of thousands of more jobs in the years ahead.  As part of its Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs, the Republican-led House has passed legislation to rein in red tape, bolster American energy, protect middle class workers, and revitalize American manufacturing.  The president and Senate Democrats should stop trying to shut down American energy and jobs, and pass these bills without delay.

…And this is just the beginning.  The House has passed numerous pro-growth bills to create a better environment for job creation, including measures to expand American energy, stop regulations that are holding back private-sector growth, improve education and job training, protect families and small businesses from the president’s health care law, and much more.  The president ought to call on Senate Democrats to stop blocking these bills so they can be enacted immediately.  Middle class families have been waiting six years for good-paying jobs.  As Speaker Boehner put it in a recent video, “Mr. President, what are you waiting for?

Check out all of the House passed jobs bills awaiting action in the Democratic-run Senate at, and read the Republican Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs at