It’s been a few weeks since we shared our timeline for historic tax reform, and since then, a lot has happened. As Speaker Ryan said at the leadership press conference this morning,

“This is monumental reform. And we’re doing it the right way. We started with a framework. Then, we went to a House bill through the committee. Then, we went to the floor. And now, we’re going to a conference committee—using the regular order process, working with our members, getting interaction every step of the process. That is how we should be writing laws here.”

It’s not easy to do something as big as tax reform. The special interests have come out in full force, trying to protect special carve outs the bill eliminates. Democrats have melted down with over-the-top hysteria and hyperbole. But we will not be deterred. The reality is, the tax code as it stands now is too complicated and outdated. Worst of all, it favors special interests over real people. American families deserve to be put first in the tax code. That’s why we’re doing this—and doing it the right way.