Tour de Farce: President Obama's Bogus Journey, Day One |

Americans struggling with high gas prices, worry not. The President is on it. And by on it, we mean a farcical, high-octane public relations tour. 

With soaring energy costs dragging down the President’s approval ratings, not to mention Americans’ disposable income, the President is firing up the White House P.R. machine to give the false impression he supports Republicans’ all-of-the-above energy approach. Today, he’ll begin the first of a two-day visit to energy-rich states in the West that hold tremendous promise for American energy production. The White House would no doubt like to show how we can harness this potential. There’s just one, enormous, problem: the administration’s energy policies are doing the opposite.

For the last three years, the President has consistently thrown up roadblocks to American energy production, lowered supply, and increased prices for American consumers.  Time and again, he has sided with his political base over American families who are now facing four-dollar gasoline. In fact, the trip offers a perfect opportunity to remind the American people how this administration’s policies are making our energy challenges worse. So here we go:

  • Leg One: Ensure the administration’s most embarrassing energy “investment” flop is revisited
    Kicking off the trip, the President will tour a Nevada solar energy facility to highlight his taxpayer investments in the technology. Of course, we all remember the administration’s biggest foray in solar manufacturing. (Hint, it’s Solyndra). Solar and wind energy are a critical part of an all-of-the-above approach. But America’s energy challenges do not stem from a shortage of innovation or government spending. Instead, regulatory roadblocks and burdensome lawsuits continue to plague and delay the ability to move forward with renewable energy projects. On that count, the President has no actions to highlight. All he’s left with is, yup, Solyndra.
  • Leg Two: Stand in front of oil rigs to perfectly symbolize how he’s stood in the way of greater oil and gas production
    From there, the president will travel to New Mexico where he will surely not tell the American people that both oil and natural gas production on federal lands fell last year. According to the Independent U.S. Energy Information Administration, oil production from sales on federal lands dropped by 14 percent, while natural gas production fell 11 percent. Given the production boom that’s taken place at the same time on private lands, energy production on federal land should be increasing as well. Unfortunately, through leasing and permitting delays, the president has been holding back, blocking, and downplaying America’s energy potential.

Over the last year, passing bipartisan energy bill after bipartisan energy bill, Republicans have given the President every opportunity to put in place an-all-of-the-above energy plan. Instead, the White House has attacked House efforts to expand energy production and taken administrative actions to block the intent. The American people hear a good game from the White House, and they surely will today, but what they get is something quite different. That’s why Republicans have been engaged in a coordinated effort to highlight the President’s failed policies. And we’re just getting started. Oh, what hypocrisy awaits on Day Two. (Hint, it’s the Keystone pipeline).