The prospect of losing your doctor is the latest shoe to drop in the ObamaCare trainwreck, and it means Americans like this Rochester, New Hampshire resident can't keep their doctor under the new law: 

“Margaret McCarthy has been a Frisbie Memorial Hospital client for 15 years, and now she is facing an uncertain and expensive dilemma.  She has to choose whether to keep her health insurance and find a different doctor — or go without insurance and stay with her current provider. …

“For McCarthy, the news came with much frustration and confusion. ... Five years ago, when she had to have emergency surgery, she went to Frisbie hospital and ‘these are the surgeons that saved my life,’ she said.

“‘Now I’m extremely disappointed,’ said McCarthy. ‘I feel like the people who wrote this legislation didn’t do their homework.’” (Foster’s Daily Democrat)


  • “Tangled up in the health care maze, JoEllen Hernandez of Brandon doesn’t know where to turn.  … Now she will still be paying $200 a month for a new supplemental Advantage Plan, but additional expenses will amount to more than $5,000 due to higher drug costs. … ‘I had hoped some things would change with Obamacare, but I think things will only get worse,’ she said. … ‘I am really under emotional stress and have had a few meltdowns — one of them in my doctor’s office.   People told me I would not be affected by all this and that I would be taken care of,’ LaBode said.” (Fond du Lac Reporter)
  • Local confusion over Obamacare continued yesterday as the state contacted health insurance customers by letter and by phone telling them their coverage will end Dec. 31 — even though state officials recently extended the deadline to March 31.  ‘The long and short of it is — it’s a mess. A real mess,’ Jeff Freedner of Hyde Park, enrolled in the state’s Commonwealth Care program. ‘There are completely conflicting messages going on here. I’ve just basically stopped thinking about it because I don’t know what to do.’” (Boston Herald)
  • “One of the biggest questions for those shopping for health insurance via the marketplace is whether their current doctors will accept their chosen plan. … Said Carro: ‘The panel of doctors that you're allowed to go see is changing in many cases.’” (Staten Island Advance)
  • “The deadlines to get insurance coverage are looming large for some, including Lonnie Nortman of Annapolis.   Nortman has tried repeatedly to browse for policies on the exchange and to get technical help to resolve the error messages. …  He also said he made an appointment with a navigator, who didn't show up.  He drove to other locations where he heard navigators would be in Anne Arundel County but didn't have any luck. … ‘I've been trying since Day 5 after the website opened and have had zero success,’ Nortman said. ‘I also drove all over Anne Arundel County looking for help.  I blew my half-day off work trying to figure this out.’” (The Baltimore Sun)
  • “But Patty Brown, an agent at Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers on Riverside Drive in Macon, says months before the President's temporary solution, the eight major health insurance companies doing business in Georgia have already been offering early renewals. … Eight weeks into open enrollment on the federal health insurance marketplace at, Brown says her agency has yet to be able to sign up one person through the website.” (WMAZ-TV, Macon, GA