#Trainwreck: ObamaCare to Undergo More Oversight Scrutiny This Week | Speaker.gov

This week, there will be at least four more ObamaCare oversight hearings in the House:

Looking at the experiences these Americans are having, it’s clear there’s plenty of oversight worth conducting

  • “‘I have been a supporter of ACA … and have been waiting to finally get health insurance only to find out it is still basically unavailable,’ said Leah Smith Headings, a self-employed family counselor in Tupelo, Miss.  … ‘I am very disheartened and disappointed.’” (USA TODAY)
  • “…Just about everyone who spoke with the Gazette State Bureau said it’s been a stressful experience to hear their policy was canceled, and that they had to get a new one — after being promised by President Barack Obama that they could keep their current policy if they liked it.  ‘I got so mad that I went to my phone and started calling all the political people and giving them what for,’ said Sue Spanke, of Missoula, who ended up finding a policy at a much lower cost. ‘And I’m a supporter of Obamacare as health care reform.’” (Billings Gazette)
  • “Long Islander Cornelius Kelly found it would be no problem to secure a family plan for his wife and three older kids through New York’s health-care exchange, but his 18-month-old daughter was out in the cold. The baby would need her own insurance policy.  ‘I couldn’t believe what I was being told,’ said the dad from East Quogue, in Suffolk. … When Kelly called a representative, he was told his daughter had to be 2 before she could be covered under a family plan.” (New York Post)
  • “On the days following the launch of the MNsure website on Oct. 1, Carrie Rocha made several frustrating attempts to use it.  Ultimately, the health plan options she found brought her close to tears. … ‘I was just sick to my stomach,’ said Rocha, 38, of Maple Grove.” (Pioneer Press