#Trainwreck: Why President Faces Uphill Battle In ObamaCare Credibility Fight | Speaker.gov

The week begins with the president in a “fight to save his credibility,” but how exactly is he going to do that when Americans are going to be tied up in this train wreck for a long time: 

  • How does this remotely fit under the umbrella of ‘affordable’?”  – Bellingham, WA resident whose family “has never before faced such a steep increase in premiums” (The Bellingham Herald)
  • “I cannot afford to pay $200 more per month. … I just feel like this situation did not have to happen.” – Gilbert, AZ resident (USA TODAY)
  • “I’m not a poor man, but I can’t afford this. … That’s like another house note and a car note.” – A former Detroit police officer (Detroit Free Press)
  • If we can't make it work, it doesn't just put my employees out of a job, it puts me out of a job.” – Pittsburgh, PA restaurant owner (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • It was a super surprise.  … I really am concerned that the way things are going, that the quality of healthcare will go down.” – A Stanley County, NC landscaping business owner who found out his family’s premiums would triple (WSOC-NC)
  • It’s really upsetting.   I have no idea what my cost is going to be.  I have no idea whether I’m going to be able to keep my doctors.” – A New Hampshire mother of two (Boston Globe)
  • I just resent how they’re implying that I’m so stupid Seattle, WA resident whose insurance was canceled (The Seattle Times)
  • It's going to be very messy for the next couple of years” – Glenn Melnick, director of USC’s Center for Health Financing, Policy and Management (Associated Press)

Keep in mind, “that could just be the warmup,” POLITICO says, pointing to the very real possibility of “another wave of canceled policies … ‘death spiral’ … price hikes … sticker shock … people who can’t prove they’re covered … people who get wrong subsidies.”  And much more.