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This morning, Speaker Ryan urged conservatives to unite behind a bold, pro-growth agenda to build a #ConfidentAmerica at the Heritage Action policy summit. Conservatives have a real opportunity to do this, the speaker explained, because the Left is intellectually exhausted. Laying out the agenda’s policy priorities, he asked for input and emphasized that restoring the Constitution is essential to enacting conservative policies in 2017 and beyond. If we are unified, we could be one presidency away from reigniting the enthusiasm for the American Idea.

Conservatives Critical to #YearofIdeas

House Speaker Ryan Ramps Up Outreach to Conservative Groups.  Mr. Ryan has become a recurring presence on talk radio—with both national heavyweights and local hosts—interspersed with his regular television appearances. . . .Taking to the airwaves is one way Mr. Ryan seeks to frame the House’s agenda to conservative voters frustrated with the limits of a GOP-controlled Congress bumping against a Democratic White House. (Wall Street Journal)

Ryan to Keynote Heritage Action Policy Summit. Heritage Action has tapped House speaker Paul Ryan to deliver the keynote address at its third annual policy summit. . . The group . . . has appeared more optimistic about Ryan since he assumed the gavel, largely because of his willingness to court conservatives and commit to offering a conservative legislative agenda in advance of the GOP convention. “He’s conservative — folks know that,” says one leadership aide. “He was an obvious choice to lead this.” (National Review)

Conservatives to Outline Plan to ‘Take Back America.’ Headlining will be House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the summit hosted by Heritage Action for America, the think tank’s lobbying arm. Known as a reform hawk, Ryan likely will underscore his past remarks about returning conservative ideas to the Republican platform and changing the way the House does business. (The Daily Signal)

Unifying the Movement

Paul Ryan to urge conservative unity. House Speaker Paul Ryan intends to tell a meeting of the conservative Heritage Action on Wednesday that conservatives must "unite," and "be straight" with each other and with the American people about what they can accomplish in Washington. . . “I don’t want to set us up for failure. I want to set us up for success. That’s something we all can work on — together. And the way to do that is to unify around a vision. We need to define the horizon we’re aiming for. And then we need to bring the rest of the country with us." (Politico)

Paul Ryan tells conservatives: It’s time to ‘unite the clans.’ House Speaker Paul D. Ryan made his latest attempt Wednesday to keep the Republican Party united . . . calling on conservatives to be “inspirational” and “inclusive” in a keynote speech delivered to this year’s Heritage Action Policy Summit. . . . The speech hit . . . the need for Republicans to rally around a positive vision, the pursuit of a “confident America,” and the twin imperatives of being both realistic and visionary. (Washington Post)

Ryan quotes Braveheart: 'Unite the clans.' In a speech Wednesday, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will call on fractured Republicans to join together to fight to take back the White House in 2016."To quote William Wallace in Braveheart, we have to unite the clans,” Ryan will say in a keynote address at the annual policy summit hosted by the conservative outside group Heritage Action…That Ryan is delivering a major address at Heritage is significant.  (The Hill)