This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on Squawk Box, broadcast live from Capitol Hill, to discuss how this year’s Tax Day is the last time you will have to file your taxes under the old, outdated system. Watch the full interview here and check out excerpts below.

Speaker Ryan: “There's so much more we can do to run through the tape. We’ve got to do our technical education bill, we've got to do getting people from welfare to work, we've got infrastructure bills, more regulatory relief, we've got our Dodd-Frank reforms. So we’ve got more things that we're going to run through the tape and get done…Today is Tax Day. The average family of four is getting a $2,000 tax cut because of the tax bill. This is the last year of this old tax code and now you have a new year of lower tax rates, doubling the standard deduction, doubling the child tax credit, the simplified system. These are good things. People know it, people see it. And they know that having this unified Republican government is making a big positive difference in our economy.”

Speaker Ryan: “We put together an agenda in 2016, we ran on it. We're two-thirds of the way through getting it all done, in law. So we've gotten so much of our work done. . . .Enterprise zones, I worked on that when I was a young guy working for Jack Kemp, empowerment zones are now law of the land. So the critical component of our poverty fighting agenda, that's now the law of the land. Rewriting the tax code, I’ve been working on that all my life, that's now the law of the land. All the regulatory relief that we think are important to unlocking capital, law of the land. By the way—the military—when you become speaker, you get the same briefings the president gets, you get the same intelligence committee military briefings, so I became really acutely concerned about the state of our military and its readiness crisis. So I really took to that issue and now that is the law of the land. So we've gotten so many of the things done that I sought out to do, that I feel very content with the achievements and now I just have this focus on making sure that, you know, I can do the other really important parts of my life, which is family. You know being a good husband, being a good dad, and I feel like we've got a lot done and I think we have a great team to pass the baton onto.”

Speaker Ryan: “I really believe that as the election gets closer and we’re communicating more specifically to constituents who see that because of this tax bill, they got their bonuses, they got increased benefits, they got an average $2,000 tax cut. When people look and see, oh, the child tax credit got doubled. My standard deduction got doubled, my tax rates went down . . . So not only do they right now say they want Republicans in charge of the economy, because the economy is growing well, not only do they want the Republicans in charge of national security, because they're better entrusted to keep us safe.”