Today, Speaker Ryan spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN’s The Lead about his retirement announcement, all the House has achieved during this speakership, and the policies he will continue to push forward through the end of his term. Excerpts below:

Handing Over the Gavel

“I was able to make that personal decision because I feel like we have put our majority in a good place, because we have gotten a lot done. It is making a big difference in people’s lives, so I'm confident I’m going to be able to hand this gavel over to another Republican speaker, and because of that list of accomplishments, I actually feel content and confident. Therefore, I feel like I can do what I've always wanted to do, which is to be a full-time dad with my wife for at least part of my children's upbringing.”

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

“We have a common agenda that we agree on. And we want to get it done, and we know it’s going to make a big difference in people's lives—and that is what we were elected to do. [Donald Trump] got elected president, I got elected speaker—I think it is our job on behalf of the people we represent and the people of this nation to focus on their problems, get things done, and make a big difference. And that is what we're doing, and that is what I'm proud about.”

Advancing His Poverty-Fighting Agenda

“I think getting tax reform done was one of the best moments—that’s something I've been working on for over 20 years. Ever since I worked for Jack Kemp I’ve been working on tax reform. I think it is critical to laying a strong foundation of economic growth. I think there are a lot of things in this tax bill that help advance our poverty-fighting agenda, like enterprise zones, social impact bonds. There’s a lot of things here that a lot of Americans don't even know about yet that I'm proud about, and I'm excited about advancing some issues I really care about."