Two years ago, House Republicans laid out a bold policy agenda called ‘A Better Way’ to get America back on track. This morning, Speaker Ryan joined Fox & Friends to discuss how we have delivered on those promises and Americans are ‘Better Off Now.’ Watch the full interview here and check out the excerpts below.

‘We kept our promises’

Speaker Ryan:Two years ago House Republicans ran on a platform called ‘The Better Way’ and then along with the newly elected President Trump guess what we did? We did what we said we were going to do, we kept our promises and we enacted a very promising agenda that is now occurring and what's the result? We are stronger at home and abroad, we are rebuilding our military, we are confronting the opioids crisis, we’re ending human trafficking, we are fixing things so that we improve people's lives and so take a look, we now are showing that we are ‘Better Off Now.’ You can go to to see all the accomplishments that we, along with the President, have put into place to dramatically improve people's lives.”

‘We have a great contrast’

Speaker Ryan: “We have 4% unemployment. More job openings than people looking for work in America today. Wages are up, the economy is soaring. These are good things and great results to run on…What do democrats want to do? They want to abolish ICE, a government guaranteed job, they want to get rid of private health insurance and have a government takeover of the health care system. They are going so far left. So I think we have a great contrast, a really good track record and good story to tell and that's what we’re going to be telling this fall.”

‘We have a lot to do’

Speaker Ryan: “Just this week we are going to finish our bill to rebuild the military, the Defense Authorization Bill. We will finish today our Career in Technical Education Bill, a complete overhaul of career and technical education…that's already out of the Senate now, we passed it out of the House, it's going to go into law…This is our goal to focus on closing skills gap, to get people the skills they need to get good careers and then when we come back, we’re going to work on making the tax cuts permanent, we’ve got appropriation bills we’re going to be passing. We don't want to have some big omnibus at end of the day. We want to pass these separate appropriation bills, so we have a plan to do that. And then we have all these infrastructure bills that we are working through the system. This is the President's infrastructure agenda that we have been talking about and we are very excited about getting these infrastructure bills done as well.”