“We’re Busy Doing Our Work”: Speaker Ryan Talks to Hugh Hewitt | Speaker.gov

This morning, Speaker Ryan called into The Hugh Hewitt Show, and a policy discussion broke out, covering a number of things we are working on to address the problems Americans face in their daily lives.

Listen to the full interview, read the full transcript, or check out these excerpts:

Busy doing our work:Look, this is what I call the white noise of Washington-Beltway media. We’re busy doing our work. We’re busy, I mean, just this week, we moved law enforcement legislation with police week to give them the tools they need to keep us safe. We put new sanctions on Syria. We improved Will Hurd’s federal information technology reform legislation, which will streamline government. Ways and Means did hearings on tax reform. The Education Workforce Committee put a bill out to close the skills gap so that people can get technical education. Mac Thornberry is working on his 3rd installment of streamlining Pentagon bureaucracy and procurement reforms. Veterans Affairs approved 11 bills. I mean, I can keep going if you want me to, and the 14th Congressional Review Act was signed into law this week. Nobody did anything in the press about those things. This Congressional Review Act, where you rescind recent regulations, in this case, from the Obama legislation, this tool was used once in history rescinding regulations. We’ve done it 14 times in four months just this year alone. So that’s what we’re working on.” (More on this list here.)

Health care rescue mission: “94 out of 99 counties in Iowa in 2018 will not have an insurer in the exchange. So that’s what’s going on. . . . We saw over 50% increase in premiums in the state of Maryland. We see five states with one health insurer left remaining. We see a third of all counties in America with one health insurer remaining. We just saw Aetna pull out nationwide. We saw United pull out nationwide. And we see another round of premium increases being announced. So the law really actually is collapsing. People will get hurt and harmed if we don’t replace it, and that is why we believe there’s a sense of urgency. This really is a rescue mission. We are on the mission of rescuing the collapsing individual market in health care.

Tax reform:  “We’ve got the highest tax rate in the world. We’re just kicking ourselves in the teeth. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot as a country. We are going to lower tax rates. We are going to do tax reform. It’s going to happen in 2017. Why? Because we know it has to happen. Every Republican agrees with this. Every Republican here agrees with this. That’s why we’re focused on it. What I want to tell you, Hugh, is yes, there’s a bunch of white noise out there in the media. But we are still doing our job. And so everybody talks about wave elections. It’s far too early to talk about politics. But I would say if we don’t keep our promises, then we’re going to have a problem. So what are we doing? We’re working on keeping our promises. We just passed repeal and replace in the House. We’re working on rebuilding our military. We are deep into our regulatory reform agenda. And we’re moving forward on our tax reform legislation. All of those are the things that we ran on that we said we would do to get this country back on track, and guess what? That’s exactly what we are doing.”