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Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) talks about how the path to prosperity lies in liberating our economy from the shackles of big government and out-of-control spending.  With economists agreeing that immediate and meaningful spending cuts are needed to help promote private-sector job creation, Rep. Black describes the White House’s plan to maintain largely status quo spending levels as “unacceptable and inexcusable.”  Read the full text of Rep. Black’s remarks here.  Following are the video and excerpts from early coverage of the address: 

  • Associated Press:GOP rejects Obama budget approach.  Republicans say President Barack Obama's words don't match his actions where federal spending is concerned.  In their weekly radio and Internet message, Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black rejected Obama's approach on the budget.  Black says the White House plan continues out-of-control spending, increases the nation’s debt and ‘adds to the uncertainty that makes it harder to create jobs.’  She says the status quo and the lack of credible spending cuts is ‘unacceptable and inexcusable.’” (3/5/11)
  • ABC News Radio:  “GOP Address: ‘Job Creation Has to Be the Number-One Priority.… Not unlike her Republican counterparts, Black said that it was Washington's policies that were getting in the way of job creation.  ‘Job creation has to be the number-one priority for both parties,’ Black said in her weekly address. … Rep. Black proposed that government get 'out of the way,' cut spending and 'remove barriers' such as regulations and taxation she says are hindering economic growth.  ... Black closed the address urging Senate Democrats to pass H.R. 1, a bill that passed in the House two weeks ago to cut federal spending and keep government running through the end of the fiscal year.  Whatever happens, Black said, ‘Doing nothing is not an option.’”  (3/5/11)
  • Roll Call:  “Black Calls for ‘New Approach’ to Prosperity.  Rep. Diane Black called on President Barack Obama to create a ‘new approach’ to improving the country’s job situation by cutting ‘unnecessary spending.’  The Tennessee Republican, delivering the GOP's weekly radio address, said that ‘the American people want to keep the government running while cutting its cost.’ … Black, a freshman member of the Budget and Ways and Means Committees, said that by enacting the short-term continuing resolution, ‘we’ve provided another two weeks for our Democrat colleagues in the Senate to either pass H.R. 1, or to pass a credible alternative that meets the people's priorities.  Doing nothing is not an option.’” (3/5/11)
  • Voice of America: “In the Republican weekly address, Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black said that while Mr. Obama talks about the country living within its means, his budget just represents more out of control government spending.  Representative Black say the country needs a new approach that removes barriers to job growth, which she identified as over-regulation, taxation, and debt.”  (3/5/11)
  • Reuters: “‘It (Obama’s budget) continues out-of-control spending, it adds to our $14 trillion debt and it adds to the uncertainty that makes it harder to create jobs,’ Representative Diane Black said in the Republicans' weekly radio address.  ‘Maintaining the status quo -- and refusing to offer a credible plan to cut spending -- is just unacceptable and inexcusable,’ Black said.” (3/5/11)
  • Bloomberg: “In the Republican address, U.S. Representative Diane Black of Tennessee said the unemployment rate is still too high and blamed Obama’s policies for not doing enough to spur hiring.  ‘The policies of the past haven’t worked,’ she said. ‘What we need is a new approach’ … Black said government needs to get ‘out of the way’ of prosperity by cutting spending and reducing regulation.  She said Obama’s budget proposal still spends too much money and increases the deficit.” (3/5/11)

  • Dow Jones: “Rep. Diane Black, a Republican from Tennessee, said in the Republican radio address that Obama's budget proposals continue ‘out-of-control spending.’ ‘The policies of the past haven't worked, and despite some signs of life in our economy, the unemployment rate is still far above the levels that the president's advisers promised when the 'stimulus' spending bill was signed into law," she said.” (3/5/11)