Here’s What President Obama Won’t Tell You About His Sequester, the Republican Plan for Smarter Spending Cuts, & Senate Democrats’ Inaction |

You’re going to see President Obama at campaign-style rallies again this week, demanding higher taxes and blaming Republicans for his ‘sequester’ mess. Here’s what he won’t be telling you:

This is President Obama’s sequester. “The idea for sequestration did come from the White House, as news accounts made clear at the time,” reports the New York Times. As Speaker Boehner wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “it is a product of the president's own failed leadership.”

Republicans passed a bill with smarter spending cuts (twice), but the president’s Senate hasn’t passed it (or any other replacement bill). Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in four years either. The House voted to replace the president’s sequester in May 2012 and again last December. Each bill targeted waste and fraud, and would help put us on a path to balance the budget in 10 years.

Government spending is the problem. No one should be talking about raising taxes when the FAA spends $500 million a year on consultants; the EPA has sent more than $100 million in grants to foreign countries; the IRS has a $4 million-a-year TV studio; and more.

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward says the president is “moving the goal posts” when calling for even higher taxes. And claiming otherwise is a “classic case of distortion and confusion.” President Obama got more than $600 billion in tax hikes last month (with no spending cuts). We don’t need higher taxes; we need to address Washington’s spending problem.

The president’s relentless campaigning has left him “virtually absent” from the legislative process. If the president were serious about replacing his sequester, he’d cancel his “endless campaign” events this week and devote his schedule to pressing his Democratic-controlled Senate to finally pass something.