What's Buried in the Democrat "Cromnibus?" | Speaker.gov
The business before the House of Representatives this week includes consideration of the Democrats’ continuing resolution, or CR, on Wednesday. While the details of this Omnibus spending bill – or CROMNIBUS, to coin a hybrid phrase for cramming roughly half the entire federal discretionary budget and assorted policy changes into one vehicle – have not been made public, a few of its figures have been leaked.

After months of campaign pledges to deliver a more “open and accountable” Congress, coupled with dozens of promises to “return to regular order” after the “100 Hours” agenda, Democrats are still locked behind closed doors spending taxpayer dollars without any transparency whatsoever.

The Democrat Continuing Resolution (CR)/Omnibus - or CROMNIBUS - by the numbers:

Total price tag:


Amount each taxpayer will pay to fund the CROMNIBUS subject to no debate:


Expected savings for the taxpayer:


Number of pages in the Democrat CROMNIBUS:


Number of pages in the clean bipartisan current CR:


Number of DAYS the Senate could spend debating the CROMNIBUS:


Number of elected officials negotiating the CROMNIBUS:

2 Appropriations Chairmen

Number of HOURS the House will spend debating the CROMNIBUS on the floor:


Number of hours spent debating this bill at the Appropriations Committee:


Views, estimates, and/or related bill reports to be issued by Democrats:


Number of bipartisan Member meetings on the CROMNIBUS:


Number of amendments allowed under the expected Democrat “Martial Law” rule:


Number of amendments allowed during Senate consideration:


Number of buried earmarks, pet projects, and other wasteful expenditures:


The Democrat Leadership’s Broken Promises: