The front page of today’s Wall Street Journal (below) and USA Today highlight the question posed by Speaker Boehner to President Obama at yesterday’s Twitter Town Hall: “where are the jobs?

Analysis by found that, in Congress, “Use of the platform Twitter to send comments to #askobama tended to be dominated by Republicans.” And “the top issues tweeted by members of Congress had to do with job creation (41%) and the federal budget (9%).”

In fact, as coverage of the event shows, House Republicans were successful in highlighting the GOP blueprint for job growth (Jobs.GOP.Gov) and putting Democrats on the spot for demanding for more failed “stimulus” spending, higher taxes, and job-crushing regulations. Have a look:

  • Republicans took to Twitter en masse to ask where the jobs are.” “‘Will you outline a plan #4jobs - other than more spending - for the American people? #askobama GOP plan:,' House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio tweeted. ... Even the AFL-CIO, an organization that is hardly associated with Republican politics, tweeted, 'Where are the jobs? #AskObama.' Boehner, the House Republican Conference, and others retweeted it.” (National Journal, 7/6/11)
  • Speaker Boehner led the charge…” “Speaker John Boehner led the charge, posting a livestream of aggregated tweets from fellow Republicans and by asking his supporters to retweet the ones with which they agreed. 'With the unemployment rate at 9.1 percent and the 'stimulus' spending binge a failure, one big question will be looming over President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall this afternoon: where are the jobs?' asked the speaker’s blog.” (Daily Caller, 7/6/11)
  • GOP committees have also gotten in on the action.” “‘Yours has been coined the most Anti-Business Administration in our history, how will you aid, instead of burden, small business?' asked the House Small Business Committee, chaired by Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.). 'Why do you want 2 increase taxes on employers instead of cutting spending 2 get our debt under cntrl' asked Ways and Means Committee GOPers. From the House Oversight Committee: 'How are your job-crushing #regulations helping #smallbiz owners?' Republicans are also promoting their own hashtag: #4jobs — as in, what will President Obama do for jobs.” (Washington Post, 7/6/11)
  • Republicans seized the opportunity…” “Before the event started, Republicans in Washington seized the opportunity to flood Twitter with their own politically tinged questions, using the social network to push their critique of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, one blurb at a time. 'With 9.1% unemployment & 'shovel ready' jobs a bust, will you admit the 'stimulus' was a mistake?' House Speaker John A. Boehner tweeted. Mr. Boehner was followed by a steady stream of those questions from his fellow Republicans and his supporters in the Twitter universe. By the time Mr. Obama started his town hall, hundreds of such questions had flooded in.” (New York Times, 7/6/11)
  • …piled their questions into the feed…” “Hours ahead of Obama's first-ever Twitter event, during which he will answer questions from people around the country on jobs and the economy, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) launched a live stream feed of GOP questions for the president. ... Several high-level House Republicans piled their questions into the feed throughout the morning ...” (Huffington Post, 7/6/11)
  • …exhorting their followers to ask questions, and posing their own.” “Representatives John Boehner, who is the House speaker, Darrell Issa, Patrick McHenry, Bill Johnson, Adam Kinzinger and others in the House and Senate are using the #askObama hashtag to pepper President Barack Obama with questions. They're retweeting each other, exhorting their followers to ask questions, and posing their own.” (TechPresident, 7/6/11)