On Monday in Wisconsin, Speaker Ryan continued his push for historic tax reform. The speaker met with 26 representatives of various local manufacturers—all from the 1st District and southeastern Wisconsin—to discuss what tax reform will mean for their industry.  

The group discussed a myriad of issues, like how Wisconsin-based companies can compete on a global scale and how tax reform will lift the economy. They also discussed how ideas found in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help create more jobs and grow their employees’ paychecks.

As revealed in a new report, “manufacturers were the fourth largest employer in America in 2015”—and smaller manufacturers have a big impact. As indicated by the conversations Speaker Ryan had earlier this week, small manufacturers are one of the main reasons reforming our tax code is so important.

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we’ll introduce a lower tax rate for American businesses—or, in other words, level the playing field. When businesses are more competitive, employees can find better-paying jobs and, in turn, increased livelihoods—not to mention other benefits gained from a giant boost to the economy.

And that’s just the start. Learn more about historic tax reform at fairandsimple.gop.