Last week in his Janesville office, Speaker Ryan sat down with Milwaukee TMJ4’s Charles Benson to discuss his 20 years serving Wisconsin’s First District. The two “took a trip down memory lane” and discussed his accomplishments as the 54th Speaker of the House. Watch their interview here and check out excerpts below.

Charles Benson: “History will always say he was the kid who grew up in Janesville to become the 54th Speaker of the House…Ryan is the youngest of four children. At age 28 he was the second youngest member of the House when elected in 1998. At age 45 he was the youngest elected House Speaker in nearly 150 years.

“Now at age 48, he's leaving Congress at the end of his term, though some are trying to talk him out of it.”

Speaker Ryan: “Oh, sure. A lot of people have.”

Charles Benson: “Why did it come down to this moment in time?”

Speaker Ryan: “You know, it’s because I got a lot done. . . .It’s the ticking time of the family…It's my kids are 13,14, 16, and on this job, I travel so much more than an ordinary member of Congress.”

Charles Benson:The to do list included cutting taxes, which was accomplished in December.”

Speaker Ryan: “Ninety percent of Americans are getting bigger paychecks because of the tax cuts. They are starting to see that.”