Your Guide to President Obama’s Upcoming Road Trip, Part One: Will POTUS Acknowledge His Health Care Law Makes It Harder to Hire? |

AP says President Obama will kick off another road trip this Thursday with a speech meant to “remind Americans he’s still got jobs and the economy on his mind” (again). With his health care law driving up costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire, will he acknowledge the fact that…

  • April’s jobs report suggested ObamaCare is already “beginning to skew hiring patterns,” says the Wall Street Journal. “Many small businesses appear to be limiting their employees to fewer than 30 hours, perhaps with job-sharing or even by splitting employees with other employers.”
  • Workers bumped to part-time because of ObamaCare will “earn less money” and could “miss out on health insurance at work,” notes the Los Angeles Times.
  • Democrats are panicked the law could be a “train wreck.” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) became the latest, saying there is reason to be “very concerned about what's going to happen with young people,” specifically their premiums shooting up. This as the New York Times reports America “has quietly surpassed much of Europe in the percentage of young adults without jobs.”
  • A slowdown in small business growth is “likely attributable to the onset” of ObamaCare, as Economist Mark Zandi told CNBC.
  • A recent survey of small business owners found 71% say ObamaCare “makes it harder for them to hire more employees.” And “77% say the health care law will make coverage for their employees more expensive.”
  • Tax hikes in the health care law are already shipping jobs overseas. The Motley Fool reported that even before a tax on medical device manufacturers took effect, “companies took steps to reduce its potential impact,” including laying off workers, shifting “hiring toward overseas operations,” and planning to invest in countries like China.

This road trip could be a great opportunity for the president to acknowledge his policies are stifling robust economist growth, and to admit that it’s time to change course and work with Republicans to unleash our economic potential. Will he take it? We’ll get our first glimpse on Thursday.