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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Axios’ Mike Allen for a wide-ranging interview. Leader McCarthy shared his insights into what the broader national discussion is really about: control vs. freedom; his concerns about data privacy; and how we can rebuild America’s infrastructure.
Remarks are below, or watch online here.

Leader McCarthy Raises Concerns About Americans’ Data Privacy

Leader McCarthy expressed his concerns about what companies are doing with Americans’ personal data, and called for greater transparency from large tech companies.

Remarks below or watch online here.

“Our privacy is being captured. These companies are doing something for free… 

“They’re taking that data and selling that somewhere. Do you know what that is? Are we being honest?

That’s a big fear that I have: that they’re not being honest with the process.”

There Are “Creative” Ways To Fund America’s Infrastructure Projects 

Leader McCarthy noted that it is essential to our economy to rebuild our infrastructure, but that it’s critical to address it with the threat of the nation’s $22 trillion debt in mind. Additionally, rebuilding our infrastructure requires full attention from Congress, and Democrats’ perpetual focus on investigating the President is a distraction from tackling our infrastructure.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

“To me, infrastructure helps us compete. It helps us from the standpoint of delivering goods faster; the time people spend on the road. And it’s a need that’s been neglected for quite a while.

“But then I also look at the greatest threat to our nation: our debt. So the way that we finance it is pretty important. And I think there’s creative ways out there. Public-private partnerships that give you flexibility as well.

“I’d love to see other pilot programs that give states greater flexibility and new ways to do it.


I will work with anybody who wants to work to move it forward. I think infrastructure can be a bipartisan one. … I look at the tone, it looks like [the Majority] is more focused on subpoenas than solutions. If we start focusing on solutions – the Mueller report’s done, there’s no collusion there’s no obstruction. Let’s move on.”

The Real National Debate: Control Vs. Freedom

Leader McCarthy noted that the real conversation that Americans are concerned about is control vs. freedom; the Democrats’ quest for control, and the Republicans’ goal to keep America a free society.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

“It’s going to be a debate between socialism vs. freedom. Control vs. freedom.


“This has been brewing for quite some time. This Democratic Party is much different than it was before. … The current new leadership in the freshman Democratic Party is socialist.”