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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the House Republicans’ letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling for a criminal investigation of Lois Lerner:

“The IRS systematically targeted Americans for their political beliefs, and yet no one has been held accountable. It’s long past time that the Administration work with Congress to clean house, get the facts, and ensure that the power of government isn’t being used for partisan political ends. The Obama Administration, like Congress, should have every interest in making sure our government is free of corruption and criminality.

“Yet despite all the wrongdoing and evidence against Lois Lerner, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has flatly ignored calls for a thorough investigation. The House Ways and Means Committee has already sent a criminal referral to the DOJ over a year ago, but the DOJ hasn’t taken any action to hold Lerner and others accountable for targeting conservatives and obstructing Congressional investigations. The attorney general should take this opportunity to defend the rule of law and restore the people’s confidence in their government.”