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The Biden administration’s refusal to secure our southern border has ignited a crisis. Every step of the way, President Biden has ignored the problem, ducked responsibility, and allowed the fallout of the crisis to affect American cities across the country.

For American families, things must change, and House Republicans have a plan. Today, the House of Representatives passed the HALT Fentanyl Act, a bill that will authorize the Drug Enforcement Administration to permanently classify fentanyl-related substances as a Schedule I narcotic, which provides law enforcement agencies the authority they need to help put an end to the drug trafficking that has turned every American city into a border city.

Because of President Biden’s reckless disregard for the rule of law on the southern border, fentanyl has flowed into communities, destroying lives and making it the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45 years old in the first year of his administration. By April of this year alone, more fentanyl had come across the border compared to all of 2021 or 2022.

This epidemic has impacted communities and left families grieving. At a recent House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing, the Cullen family testified about the devastating loss of their son to fentanyl poisoning, saying that “it’s just an unimaginable loss. He leaves just a tremendous void and emptiness in our lives. He was just so full of life.”

Their family’s nightmare has not only become a warning, but a stark reality in countless small towns and big cities throughout the country – one that only sadly seems to be growing.

From the border, inflation, crime, and the debt ceiling, President Biden and Washington Democrats have failed to do their jobs. While they blunder our nation into crisis after crisis, House Republicans remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering solutions for the American people.