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The Biden administration’s Department of Justice labeled parents as domestic terrorists for speaking up at school board meetings. Teachers unions assailed parents for standing up for their children. Yet, parents and students still demanded change.

Today, the House passed Rep. Julia Letlow’s H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights, which enshrines five basic rights that every parent will have when their kids are in school:

1. Right to know what’s being taught in schools and to see reading material
2. Right to be heard
3. Right to see school budget and spending
4. Right to protect their child’s privacy
5. Right to be updated on any violent activity at school

Immediately after the passage of the Parents Bill of Rights, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other House Republicans held a press conference where they called on the Senate to take up the legislation.

Remarks as delivered, or you may watch online here.

“You know, the Republicans put out our Commitment to America.

“In our Commitment to America, we said we’re gonna have a Parents Bill of Rights.

“This is exactly what we just passed on the floor today.

“We’re keeping our commitment. It’s just another check off on all we said we would do.

“This bill Julia Letlow actually introduced in the last Congress moved forward to this Congress.

“What’s very interesting is the Democrats thought it was too extreme, that the Democrats believe that parents shouldn’t have a say in their kids education, and actually know what the reading materials [are].

“But Democrats believe that was too extreme.

“Democrats didn’t believe that in this bill we say, parents have a right to be heard that they should be able to go to school board meetings and not be called terrorists, that they can have a say.

“But Democrats thought that was too extreme.

“Parents should have a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent in schools, the budgets.

“But Democrats thought that was too extreme. 

“In this bill, we protect the children’s privacy, that the data can’t be be sent around [and] the parents should know what they do with it.

“But Democrats thought that was too extreme.

“We thought parents should know if there’s any violent activity on campus, not just to your child but to any, so you’ll be warned.

“But Democrats thought that was too extreme.

“Today was a win for every mother, every father, but most importantly, for every student in America.

“You have a Parents Bill of Rights now, but unfortunately, the Democrats are too extreme to believe that parents should have a say in their kids’ education.

“This bill will go on to the Senate.

“We hope they’ll be able to take it up.

“But this is a win and a change for America.

“We watched just a short time ago that the Biden administration would go after parents that they went to school board meetings just to find out what was happening. 

“We watched a father get arrested at a school board meeting when his daughter was attacked in the bathroom. 

“All that is changing today. 

“You now have a say in your kids’ education. 

“They get the warning if there’s any violence on campus you get to know where the money is being spent.

“They get to know what the leading materials are, and you get to protect your children’s privacy as well.

“I just want to thank Julia Letlow, Chairwoman Foxx, for their work on this and for all the Members for helping putting this across the line and for the American public to trust us with the majority.

“And we’re keeping our promise to you in our Commitment to America. The parents will have a say in their kids’ education.”