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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on FOX’s America’s Newsroom today about the Obama Administration’s ransom payment and wire transfers to Iran, as well as the House’s legislation to bar any future ransom payments to Iran.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch the full clip here.

On the ransom payment:

“Listen to what the President told us. First the president broke a long principled policy of America that we do not pay for hostages. He paid a ransom. He said he had to give it in cash to Iran—that’s the worst form to ever give anything to Iran. One, you can’t trace where the money goes. Two, Iran sponsors terrorism around the world. The President said he had to give it in cash because he could not wire the money.”

On the fact that the Administration wired money despite the President’s claim that this would violate sanctions:

First [President Obama] said it was not ransom. Then his own State Department said something different. Then when we find reports that were written that his own Justice Department argued against paying Iran the money because they were afraid more hostages would be taken. And yes, that has come to fruition as well. And now we’re finding out the President told us he had to pay it [in cash] because there is no way to wire it. Now we’re finding out his own Administration has wired money. So what is the truth here? That is why we are passing legislation to stop this ever happening again and more transparency.”

On the effect this Administration’s payment to Iran has on global security:

“[The payment] only made Iran stronger, it’s only made the world less safe. And what’s more important, America has taken a step back and who has filled that void? Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Why is North Korea testing more now after they watched the way the President handled Iran? Because it just goes to show this administration will give more to its enemies than it’s allies.”