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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News today to discuss the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP’s legislative achievements under President Trump.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On President Trump keeping his promise to appoint conservative justices:

“First of all, this is exactly what you’d expect from President Trump. When he was on a campaign trail, a big question is who would you select to the Supreme Court? Not only did he not just say who he would, he put a list out to the American public. He is keeping his promise–here is a judge who is qualified and who is not an activist judge. He bases his decisions on the Constitution. I think it is another smart decision by President Trump.”

On Judge Kavanaugh’s proven record:

“If you look at the case study of Judge Brett Kavanaugh…no one will argue he is not qualified. He worked with Justice Kennedy beforehand as well. When you look at the decision and how the decision was made with President Trump, he laid out before the American public a list of judges of who he would look at. He took the time to interview and narrow it down and tell the public what he is looking for…. I think it would be responsible for the Democrats to sit back, and meet with Kavanaugh before they propose or take action against him.”

On how the GOP agenda is making America more secure and prosperous:

“We have an economy that is probably the strongest in our lifetimes–and not one Democrat voted for the tax cut bill that created this economy. Look at what Democrats are going to run on. They want to stop ICE, and not even protect our borders. I don’t understand where the American public would get excited about voting for Democrats. What have they stood for? They are against everything.

“The world is becoming safer; the economy is becoming stronger. Unemployment is low–the lowest for Hispanic and African-Americans in history. Regulations are being pulled back and new jobs are being created…. Look at what we have been able to do with the VA system. The GI Bill is no longer 15 years or you lose it, now it lasts a lifetime. We have got a lot more to do, but we have done some great things even with Democrats working against us.”