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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo  to discuss Brett Kavanaugh, campaigning to keep the House GOP majority, and his meeting with Google to #StopTheBias.

Excerpts are below, or watch online here.

On the Kavanaugh hearing:
“I’m finding prior to the Kavanaugh hearing, the intensity level was really on the Democratic side. More Democrats were wanting to go vote than Republicans. Republicans thought there was not a need. But in the last week there has been a fundamental shift. People are now becoming upset. Not just how Justice Kavanaugh was treated but Dr. Ford. That the Democrats knowingly had this letter, held it, and then put her through this. You did not have to do this. And so it’s a big frustration…I think the intensity level has now increased because of what transformed.”

On the midterm elections:
“But for all of your viewers. If they just close their eyes and thought about November 7th. If on November 7th we woke up, and the Democrats took the majority, what you watched last week would be intensified for the next two years. We wouldn’t be talking about how do we put infrastructure, how do we save social security, how do we improve our Veterans Administration. It would be hearing after hearing after investigation after investigation. America’s economy would somewhat come to a stop. Because that really was a view of what will happen.”

On Google:
“I expect change to happen. Look, as a conservative, to say my party was Nazism. Not the party of Lincoln, not the party of Reagan. What they do is they said that was about Wikipedia. A couple things have happened already. I sat down and I met with Sundar two weeks ago when we were out of session. After that meeting, and I didn’t request it, he went back and he wrote a letter to all of his employees about not putting their philosophical beliefs before the company. That they have to stop the bias throughout. We watched Jack Dorsey, at first saying they weren’t shadow banning but before he came to the hearing, he said yes, he admitted, they did shadow ban…They are living in a bubble.”