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New York, New York – Over the weekend and this morning, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) discussed the latest in the House Democrats’ effort to discredit democracy by removing the duly elected President of the United States on purely political grounds.

On Democrats Discrediting Democracy: 

  • “I sent a letter last week [to Speaker Pelosi] with 10 points that [the impeachment process] should be about fairness [because right now] it’s purely political. They have no facts and they just want to impeach this president.” (Fox and Friends, 10/7/19)
  • “What we are finding is Nancy Pelosi, Speaker in name only, won’t even have a vote on the floor, so there is no impeachment inquiry. Everybody [in America] lends their voice to 435 members…they should be able to have a say in this process. But [Speaker Pelosi] is trying to protect her own members and she is not giving fairness to this President. That was the simple question I raised [in the letter], and if you watch, she cannot answer that question…If you support this madness, put a vote up. Could you imagine going before a trial where you could not call a witness, you could not subpoena anybody, you could not cross-examine? This is a political hack job.” (Hannity, 10/4/19)
  • “Unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress do not believe in the rule of law. They are trying to discredit democracy. Think about what they are doing…they are going to tear the fabric of America apart to remove a President with no basis. If Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had waited 48 hours to see the transcript, we would not be in this nightmare.” (Mornings with Maria, 10/7/19)

On Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative Falling Apart:

  • “You know what happened [last week] that was even more insightful…The Intel Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, he came to testify. You know what we found out through that testimony? We found out that this so-called, hearsay whistleblower never even told the IG that they already met with Adam Schiff’s staff…It goes to the question of the political motive of this hearsay.” (Hannity, 10/4/19)
  • “The hearing that we had [last week] with [Kurt] Volker and others – they said there was no quid pro quo. Money was not held up. Do you realize that President Trump had provided Ukraine more than $1 billion, where President Obama did not? President Trump also gave them…the instruments that they needed to stop the tanks, the javelins, where President Obama would not.”  (Justice w/ Judge Jeanine, 10/5/19)

On Democrats Abdicating Their Responsibility:

  • “The Democrats have the majority, so they can control what comes forward. They should be doing USMCA …the United States-Mexico- Canada Agreement. Mexico already ratified it, Canada is waiting on us, we’ve got a meeting with China coming up, a month and a half ago Mexico became our number one trader and Canada became number two. We would be stronger in our negotiations with China, but Democrats are more concerned about tearing the President down, than building America up.” (Mornings with Maria, 10/7/19)