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Washington D.C. – Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) issued the following statement calling on Democrats to put the American people before their partisan agenda:

“In a Democrat-controlled Washington, completely disconnected from the real world, today’s inflation report and the subsequent headlines should be a wakeup call: Americans continue to pay more for nearly everything, and inflation is expected to continue to rise.

“Nancy Pelosi might not notice a near 50 percent increase in gas prices or a 20 percent increase that Americans are paying to heat their homes, but these steep prices have real-life ramifications for the majority of Americans. And the double-digit price increases for pork, beef, and eggs might be celebrated by the Green New Deal proponents, but the extra costs are making it harder and harder for families to get by.

“Americans are facing an inflation squeeze that will only grow worse as prices continue to rise into the end of the year — and that projection doesn’t even include the Democrats’ proposed socialist spending plan and Biden’s continued war on American energy. The natural gas tax Democrats are pushing will mean higher costs to heat your home. Their drilling moratorium will squeeze supply further and drive prices at the pump higher. Their tax increases and anti-work policies drive ever-more supply chain disruptions and shortages and will bring local businesses to the brink.

“It’s time the Biden administration, and the few House Democrats left with a sense of reality, to take a hard look at the challenges around the country and work with Republicans to fix them.”