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On COVID-19 Cases, Testing, and Treatment:

“A good thing would be nobody getting the virus, and [for] China to not be lying to the rest of the world. I mean, the study says 95% of this never would have happened had China not lied.

“Well it is here now, and something we didn’t invite here. The thing we [know is] the American ingenuity — we’re testing 600,000 people a day, more than 31 million [total]. No other country can do that, so as you test more you will find more.

“But what we’re also doing from our health community and from our science and medicine [is] we’re finding better ways of treatment and that’s what you’re finding here that people are getting treated faster because they are being tested sooner…

“One thing about America, we will overcome this. We will find a vaccine, we’re finding therapies for it and we will actually not only save America, but save the rest of the world from [China’s lies that wreaked] havoc and death throughout this world.

On Proxy Voting:

“[W]hat it is is shadow voting and giving all your votes to Nancy Pelosi. So if you voted for your member of congress, she or he, they no longer have the power — they turned it over to Nancy Pelosi. They stay home, they’re getting paid for not working.

“Congress is essential. We worked through Yellow Fever, through the burning of the Capitol, through World War II…

“Work in Congress means you are the representative for your district. They have loaned you the power, they have loaned you the voice, so who’s the voice for you if you go to Congress?

“If you want to vote by proxy, you have to sign a letter that you’re physically unable to be here. Well what did we find? Charlie Crist said he was unable to come to Congress, but he got in the car and drove for two and a half hours to try to watch a launch of a space ship? That’s what he decided to do instead of represent his people? If you are not on the floor, to give the voice of your district, you missed the whole opportunity, and that becomes law…

On Hong Kong:

“It’s not only bad for Hong Kong, it’s bad for the world. Not only did China lie to the entire world so thousands of people have died… they put their name on a piece of a paper of a treaty of how they would handle Hong Kong for 50 years, and now they just showed they would never keep their word.

“When they built the island and they told Obama that they’d never weaponize them, they lied there too. When they steal our technology and say they do not, they lie there too. When they send people over into our universities and we have to arrest them when they’re getting on [an] airplane with our secrets, they lie then too. And they lied when they paid for the Harvard professor to steal the secrets inside the technology that he was working on. When is the world going to wake up?

On Supply Chain and USMCA:

“We should also change our supply chain where these companies come back to America. Do you know what else happens July 1? USMCA, the strongest treaty you can sign when it comes to North America or anywhere else in the world.

“So if you are a company inside China and you’re thinking about moving, don’t think about Vietnam, think about North America. I know Japan is rising and moving their supply chain back, we should do the same.

“This is something that President Trump warned us about, not as Candidate Trump but as citizen Trump.”