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Between the continued oppression against religious minorities in Xianjing, lingering concerns on the origins of COVID-19, and the vulnerabilities in our supply chains, American leaders must have a multi-faceted plan to take on the ongoing threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

In this video, China Task Force Lead and House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul discusses with Leader McCarthy the priorities the task force will take on to counter China’s influence in the United States and around the globe.

Leader McCarthy: “We want to make sure the next century is an American century, and we know that China is going to be a competitor, but we want to have a level competition. What I am really fearful of is when we see the Democrats not willing to stand up to [China.]”

Lead Republican McCaul: “China is the greatest national security threat to the United States and the world. They have a long term plan for economic and military domination… we have to provide the deterrence that we failed to do in Ukraine, we have to do that in Taiwan.”

Leader McCarthy: “All the legislation that you came up with, two-thirds of it was bipartisan. What we really need to have is one policy, one American policy, that we can compete with China on that both Republicans and Democrats like. [That way,] it’s not flip-flopping with each administration, but legislatively we’re able to lock [the bipartisan legislation in.]”

Lead Republican McCaul: “This should not be a Republican or Democrat issue, this should be an American issue.”