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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” this morning to call out the contrasting priorities of the Democratic Party and the American people. “[Congressional Democrats] are really going to harm American businesses because what they are going to do is give an incentive for American businesses to move to other countries… they are going to make it a disadvantage to be in America and sell that product in our country,” said McCarthy.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you can watch online here.

“When you look at what [Democrats] are doing, they are transforming America… they’re going to take your income and give it away guaranteed for 90% of Americans. But you know what? There’s no requirement to work.”

 “Remember what [Republicans] just did in 2017? We lowered the tax rate and let people keep and determine how they spent their money. We got the strongest economy in the history of America,” McCarthy said. “We had unemployment at the lowest numbers and it didn’t just reach one element of America. It didn’t matter the color of your skin; you had an ability to work.

“[Democrats] want to give an incentive to liberal states to raise higher taxes in their own state, and have the federal government pay for it… Now, we’re watching that [Democrats] are going to take this money out of the economy, so who wins in this tax plan? China.”