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Washington, D.C. -House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered a speech on the House floor this afternoon to condemn President Biden for caving to the demands of terrorists, instead of committing to bringing every American home from Afghanistan. He also called out the House Democratic leadership for calling an “emergency session” to pass a $5 trillion budget, while failing to take any action to helping thousands of own citizens who are currently stranded in a hostile environment.

“We should be doing nothing else on this floor until every American is home,” said McCarthy.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you can watch it online here.


“I rise in opposition to today’s rule.

“This week, the House is in session for the first time since Kabul fell to the Taliban. 

“What’s happening in Afghanistan is a disaster for America’s security and credibility. Other countries are questioning whether we have the resolve to honor our word because of the bungled withdrawal.

“President Biden magnified this damage over the past week by hiding at Camp David, delivering incoherent speeches, and failing to contact a single foreign leader for 36 hours. Today, he signaled an unconditional surrender to the Taliban — promising to leave in just seven days .

“His actions gave the impression of an incompetent and declining power. This week, we learned the Taliban seized millions in U.S. weapons — making them stronger than ever.

“Military missions should be dictated by our nation’s interests, not by our enemies or arbitrary timelines.  

“And right now, there’s no greater national priority than getting our people home. 

“As I look around, I see our allies responding to this crisis with the seriousness it deserves.

“In Britain, Parliament returned from its summer recess last week for an emergency session on the situation.

“In France, President Macron is trying to rally the UN Security Council.

“This House should be correcting the disastrous record left by the Commander-in-Chief and proving that America never abandons our people or shrinks from defending our interests.

“We should be doing nothing else on this floor until every American is home. Democrats called us back for an emergency session — the first session since Kabul fell to the Taliban. 

“But faced with a national security and credibility crisis in Afghanistan, they have nothing planned to address it. 

“Instead, they spent hours arguing among themselves.

“Not about getting Americans trapped in Afghanistan home safely.

“But about a $5 trillion socialist spending binge and an election bill that’s likely unconstitutional.

“Democrats are choosing Big Government over bringing Americans home safely. 

“Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are showing us exactly where their priorities lie.

“And these priorities are compounding the impression of weakness and incompetence that President Biden created.

“Every American should feel outraged by this dereliction of duty. This isn’t what public servants do.

“True public servants consider the needs of the country first. They put others above themselves, improve the lives of others, and are willing to accept responsibility.

“We just heard the Speaker of the House say “today is a great day of pride for our country and Democrats.”

“It’s not.

“It’s an embarrassing day for our nation.

“We are three weeks away from the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. 

“The United States of America is not going to let terrorists dictate when and how we get Americans out.

“Right now, there’s no greater need than this: get every American in Afghanistan out of the hands of the Taliban and bring them home safely.

“When the President finally speaks to the American people today, he owes them a guarantee that the mission in Afghanistan will not end until every American is home. 

“And he owes us answers about what he plans to do as Commander-in-Chief to ensure Afghanistan does not become a safe haven for terrorists.

“We need a full account from the President of every American who is in Afghanistan. Lives and our national honor are at stake.

“I yield back.”